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3840 County of Montgomery’s frame plates

October target for main frame completion

A BIG step forward was taken with the project in early July when the CCT formally placed the order for the erection of No. 3840 County of Montgomery’s frames with Tyseley Locomotive Works (TLW).

The work will include the assembly of the main frame plates (which were cut back in November 2018), installation of the supporting stretcher plates with associated brackets, and the fitting of the horn blocks and spring hangers. A new set of spring hanger brackets was delivered to Tyseley during June.

new set of spring hanger brackets.

The assembly work will progress during the summer, with the Birmingham firm expecting to have frame assembly completed as early as October. This would be the first set of main frames for a brand new Great Western Railway ‘County’ class 4-4-0 to be seen for 108 years since the last of the original engines was completed at Swindon Works.

Meanwhile, the CAD drawings for No. 3840’s two 18in x 30in cylinders have been sent to Premier Patterns in Smethwick with a view to manufacturing the two polystyrene sacrificial patterns. We have obtained a competitive price from a foundry in Scunthorpe for the casting of the cylinders.  

Once cast, the cylinders will be allowed to de-stress naturally before being transported to Roach Precision in Brierley Hill for final machining. This will be carried out at the same time as the machining of No. 3840’s extension frames, which once complete will enable the front end of the ‘County’ to be completed.

Our Cylinders Club has been set up to help finance the cylinders by attracting 40 supporters to each donate £1,000. This can be made as a one-off donation or through a monthly standing order of £25 per month for 40 months, £50 per month for 20 months or £100 per month for 10 months. Those supporting the appeal will receive:

•              An invitation to the launch of County of Montgomery

•              A seat on the locomotive’s first train

•              A special certificate acknowledging membership of the Cylinders Club

•              A framed and mounted print of No. 3840 by artist Stuart Black

•              Your name on Roll of Honour  

•              Life membership of the CCT Additionally the names of all Cylinders Club members will be put into a ballot; the winner receiving a cast brass replica of County of Montgomery’s cabside numberplate.

See the ‘Cylinders Club’ link for details.

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