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Sponsor a Part

One way in which you can support the construction of County of Montgomery is by sponsoring one (or more) of the many components that will make up the locomotive. We now have a wide variety of parts available to sponsor, either for refurbishment (in the case of ‘original’ GWR items) or for manufacture. These range from the small, such as the t-links, to large items including the cab side sheets and buffers.

sponsor a part for churchward county trust

Just a small sample of the components that are currently available to sponsor. These include t-tinks (top left), buffer stocks (top right), axleboxes (bottom left) and underkeeps (bottom right).

By sponsoring a part you will be helping the Trust achieve its goal, and in doing so will be able to see exactly where your donation has been spent.


A full list of the components currently available to sponsor can be found here Component Sponsor form. This list will be undated periodically as new items become available.

Thank you for your support.


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