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Cylinders patterns for ‘County of Montgomery’

Cylinders ordered for ‘County of Montgomery’

WE are pleased to announce that we have placed the order for two brand new cylinder castings for County of Montgomery with specialist pattern-maker and supplier, Premier Patterns of Smethwick.

Two sacrificial polystyrene patterns for the twin 18in x 30in back-to-back cylinder blocks were completed in mid-September (see photos); the same technique employed to successfully cast a number of replacement GWR cylinders in the last few years. However, No. 3840’s patterns differ from those produced already in that they feature inside steam pipes. They are the first such GWR cylinder patterns to be made using the polystyrene method; the cylinders for the Great Western Society’s ‘Saint’ having been cast from a traditional wooden pattern.

One of No. 3840’s new polystyrene cylinder patterns

At the end of September the patterns were sent to Russell Ductile Castings in Scunthorpe, where the actual casting is to take place. As the contractor, Premier Patterns is in close liaison with the foundry, working alongside the CCT’s design engineer and, once all parties are satisfied and happy to proceed, it is expected that the cylinders will be cast during the autumn.

Once cast, the new cylinders will be taken to Roach Precision Engineering in Brierley Hill and allowed to naturally de-stress over a period of six-to-nine months, after which they will be machined.

Production of the patterns has been possible thanks to supporters of our Cylinders Club, which aims to raise the required £40,000 by attracting 40 supporters to each donate £1,000. However, we are still some way from achieving our target, and are hopeful that this milestone will encourage others to join the Cylinders Club. Donations can be made as a one-off donation or through a monthly standing order of £25 per month for 40 months, £50 per month for 20 months or £100 per month for 10 months. Club members receive:

•             An invitation to the launch of County of Montgomery

•             A seat on the locomotive’s first train

•             A special certificate acknowledging membership of the Cylinders Club

•             A framed and mounted print of No. 3840 by artist Stuart Black

•             Their name on Roll of Honour  

•             Life membership of the CCT

Additionally, the names of all Cylinders Club members will be put into a ballot; the winner receiving a cast brass replica of County of Montgomery’s cabside numberplate.

Full details of the Cylinders Club can be found on the separate Cylinders Club page, or an application form can be found here.


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