Support us

There are several ways in which you can support the project to build County of Montgomery including:

Forty 4-4-0s Club:

Our Forty 4-4-0s Club has been established to raise the £40,000 required to cast all four of County of Montgomery’s driving wheels (£10,000 each). The club allows supporters to ‘adopt’ one (or more) of the 40 original ‘County’ 4-4-0s for a £1,000 joining fee, payable in one lump sum or in eight payments of £125 by standing order.

Please see the separate ‘Adopt a County’ page for details on how to join and the incentives available, or click here for an application form.

The Cylinders Club:

The Cylinders Club aims to raise the £40,000 needed to finance the production of No. 3840’s cylinders including the manufacture of the polystyrene patterns, the casting of the two cylinder blocks and the final machining. Membership of the Cylinders Club is set at £1,000, payable in a lump sum or in 10, 20 or 40 monthly installments by standing order.

See the separate ‘Cylinders Club’ page for details and an application form, or follow this link.

A County for the Cost of a Coffee:

Our County for the Cost of a Coffee a Week Covenantor scheme has been set up to enable donors to make small, regular donations – the equivalent of a high street cup of coffee a week — over a sustained
period. By regularly donating from as little as £10 per month (£2.50 a week), we will be able to better forecast a regular income stream, which in turn will greatly aid our forward planning and continued progress.

See the ‘A County for a Coffee’ page for more details, or download an application form here

Annual Membership:

Annual membership of the Trust is set at £20 for a single membership, £30 for a joint/family membership (2+2) or £500 for life membership. All members will be eligible to vote at the CCT’s annual general meetings and will receive copies of the Trust’s bi-annual magazine. Benefits include:

  • A vote at the CCT’s annual general meeting
  • Trust magazine
  • Your name on Roll of Honour (Life members only)
  • A day with No. 3840 in steam

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here.

One-off Donations:

This option is for anybody who wishes to make a single lump sum donation to the project. All donors who pledge over £100 will have their name entered on the Roll of Honour on this website and in the bi-annual magazine.

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here.


Did you know that you can also support the Churchward County Trust through By signing up you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online through more than 3,700 retailers. And the best part is it won’t cost you a penny extra. Visit our page at: