Support us

There are several ways in which you can support the project to build County of Montgomery including:

Forty 4-4-0s Club:

Our Forty 4-4-0s Club has been established to raise the £40,000 required to cast all four of County of Montgomery’s driving wheels (£10,000 each). The club allows supporters to ‘adopt’ one (or more) of the 40 original ‘County’ 4-4-0s for a £1,000 joining fee, payable in one lump sum or in eight payments of £125 by standing order.

Please see the separate ‘Adopt a County’ page for details on how to join and the incentives available.

Monthly Standing Order:

By pledging a specific sum to the project each month, we can make significant progress through having an income stream of regular, affordable donations. For a monthly donation of your choosing (minimum amount £10) you will receive:

  • Invitation to No. 3840’s official launch event
  • A print of the Jonathan Clay’s painting
  • A seat on one of No. 3840’s first trains
  • Your name on Roll of Honour
  • Membership of the CCT
  • Trust magazine

Annual Membership:

Annual membership of the Trust is set at £20 for a single membership, £30 for a joint/family membership (2+2) or £500 for life membership. All members will be eligible to vote at the CCT’s annual general meetings and will receive copies of the Trust’s bi-annual magazine. Benefits include:

  • A vote at the CCT’s annual general meeting
  • Trust magazine
  • Your name on Roll of Honour (Life members only)
  • A day with No. 3840 in steam

One-off Donations:

This option is for anybody who wishes to make a single lump sum donation to the project. All donors who pledge over £100 will have their name entered on the Roll of Honour on this website and in the bi-annual magazine.

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here.