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Support the Churchward County Trust Project

Annual Membership

Annual membership of the Trust is set at £20 for a single membership, £30 for a joint/family membership (2+2) or £500 for life membership. All members will be eligible to vote at the CCT’s annual general meetings and will receive copies of the Trust’s bi-annual magazine. Benefits include:

  • A vote at the CCT’s annual general meeting
  • Trust magazine
  • Your name on Roll of Honour (Life members only)
  • A day with No. 3840 in steam

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here Donation / Membership form.

Regular/One-off Donations

This option is for anybody who wishes to make a single lump sum donation to the project. All donors who pledge a significant sum will have their name entered on the Roll of Honour on this website and in the bi-annual magazine.

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here Donation / Membership form.

Paypal Giving

You can support the Churchward County Trust through Paypal Giving fund. Just use this link to take you to our Paypal Giving page


Did you know that you can also support the Churchward County Trust through By signing up you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online through more than 3,700 retailers. And the best part is it won’t cost you a penny extra. Visit our page at:

Gift Aid

‘If you are able to Gift Aid and you are a UK tax payer please tick the Gift Aid box and we will do the rest. It costs you nothing as long as you pay income tax on more than you are donating (excluding council tax and VAT). For every £1 you donate we can claim an extra 25p from the HMRC.

A County for the Cost of a Coffee

Our County for the Cost of a Coffee a Week Covenantor scheme has been set up to enable donors to make small, regular donations – the equivalent of a high street cup of coffee a week — over a sustained period. By regularly donating from as little as £10 per month (£2.50 a week), we will be able to better forecast a regular income stream, which in turn will greatly aid our forward planning and continued progress.

See the ‘A County for a Coffee’ page for more details, or download an application form here County for the cost of a Coffee.

There are several other ways in which you can support the project to build County of Montgomery, with appeals running to suit all pockets. We are well aware that the current economic climate will have a bearing on donations, and are therefore very grateful for whatever you can afford to give. Our current appeals include:

The Cylinders Club

The Cylinders Club aims to raise the £40,000 needed to finance the production of No. 3840’s cylinders including the manufacture of the polystyrene patterns, the casting of the two cylinder blocks and the final machining. Membership of the Cylinders Club is set at £1,000, payable in a lump sum or in 10, 20 or 40 monthly instalments by standing order. We are currently 3/4 of a way to achieving our goal for this appeal so to ensure that we have the funds for the machining of the cylinders your help to reach the £40,000 would be appreciated.

See the separate ‘Cylinders Club’ page for details and an application form, or follow this here Cylinder Club.

Inch for an Axle Appeal

No. 3840 will require two new coupled wheel axles to be manufactured and machined; the order for which has been placed with Riley & Son (E) of Heywood. Each axle will be 5ft 8 1/4in long, and to help pay for them we are inviting supporters to sponsor the axles by the inch. 140 inches can be sponsored for £120 per inch, which can be paid for in a lump sum or in instalments of £60 or £30 per month.

If you would like to sponsor an inch or more, please download a sponsor form here Inch for and Axle appeal.

Driving Wheel Tyre Fund

The Driving Wheel Tyre Fund has been set up to help finance the cost of the four 6ft 8 1/2in tyres for County of Montgomery’s coupled wheels, and their fitting, through 36 donations of £500. These can be made as one-off donations, or in five instalments of £100 or 10 instalments of £50.

A donation form for the Driving Wheel Tyre Fund can be downloaded here Driving Wheel Tyre Fund.

Driving Crank Fund

Our Driving Crank Fund is running in parallel to the Driving Wheel Tyre Fund to finance the manufacture and fitting to the four crank pins for No. 3840’s coupled wheels. The fund seeks 36 donations of £300, made either as one-off donations, or in three instalments of £100 or five instalments of £60.

A donation form for the Bogie Wheel Fund can be downloaded here Bogie Wheel Fund.

Front End Appeal

The Front End Appeal is looking at raising around £50,000 to complete the assembly of No. 3840’s front end. If we’re successful, it will give us a complete set of ‘County’ 4-4-0 frames, including the extension frames, cylinders, racking plate and bufferbeam etc., all ready for wheeling.

Whilst the main frames have been erected, we need to complete the task by marrying them with the front end frames. We have not specified a specific amount to be donated leaving it up to the sponsors to decide how much they would like to contribute.

A donation form for the Front End Appeal can be downloaded here Front End Appeal


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