Support us

There are several ways in which you can support the project to build County of Montgomery including:

Founders Club:

Our exclusive Founders Club will run for the duration of 2018 only, the proceeds from which will be directed into the manufacture of No. 3840’s frames and extension frames. Membership of the Founders Club is set at £1,000 (payable in a lump sum by cheque or in up to eight payments of £125 by standing order), and comes with a string of incentives including:

  • A seat on No. 3840’s first train
  • The first choice of new components to sponsor
  • Certificate of Founders Club membership
  • A footplate trip on No. 3840
  • A signed limited edition print of Jonathan Clay’s painting of No. 3840
  • Your name on Roll of Honour
  • Membership of the CCT

Additionally, the names of all Founders Club members will have their names put into a ballot; the winner being invited to take an active part in the formal naming and dedication of No. 3840 upon completion. The target is to attract 100 Founders during 2018, after which the club will close to new members.

Monthly Standing Order:

By pledging a specific sum to the project each month, we can make significant progress through having an income stream of regular, affordable donations. For a monthly donation of your choosing (minimum amount £10) you will receive:

  • Invitation to No. 3840’s official launch event
  • A print of the Jonathan Clay’s painting
  • A seat on one of No. 3840’s first trains
  • Your name on Roll of Honour
  • Membership of the CCT
  • Trust magazine

Annual Membership:

Annual membership of the Trust is set at £20 for a single membership, £30 for a joint/family membership (2+2) or £500 for life membership. All members will be eligible to vote at the CCT’s annual general meetings and will receive copies of the Trust’s bi-annual magazine. Benefits include:

  • A vote at the CCT’s annual general meeting
  • Trust magazine
  • Your name on Roll of Honour (Life members only)
  • A day with No. 3840 in steam

One-off Donations:

This option is for anybody who wishes to make a single lump sum donation to the project. All donors who pledge over £100 will have their name entered on the Roll of Honour on this website and in the bi-annual magazine.

A Donation/Membership/Standing Order form is downloadable here.