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WE are delighted to announce that the project is on the cusp of placing the order for two new cylinders for County of Montgomery.

Design work for the inside steam pipe 18in x 30in cylinder blocks was completed by our design engineer, Elliot Powick, in early April, and quotes have been received for the two polystyrene sacrificial patterns from Premier Patterns, and for the casting of the two cylinders at a foundry in Scunthorpe. The Covid-19 lockdown has meant that the order cannot currently be placed, but we hope to complete this as soon as something like normal service resumes.

Although the back end of the locomotive will be the focus of the first stages of the main frames assembly at Tyseley Locomotive Works, the cylinders are an integral part of the front end sub-assembly, and the castings will need time to naturally de-stress before machining. It is important, therefore, to have the cylinders cast sooner rather than later.

A closer view of the mating face of the cylinder
A closer view of the mating face of the cylinder, showing clearly the position of the inside steam pipe.

After casting the cylinders will go to Roach Precision for machining. Roach is currently manufacturing
No. 3840’s extension frames, and they have agreed to hold final machining of the frames until the cylinders are cast; it making sense for them to machine the cylinders and extension frames together to ensure a perfect fit.

The total cost of patterns, casting and machining is expected to cost £40,000 and we have launched a Cylinders Club to help raise the required sum through 40 supporters, each donating £1,000. This can be made as a one-off donation or through a monthly standing order of £25 per month for 40 months, £50 per month for 20 months or £100 per month for 10 months.

Full details of how to support the appeal can be found by clicking the Cylinders Club tab.

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