THE Churchward County Trust (CCT) is marking its second anniversary by launching a new appeal to finance the manufacture of the cylinders for No. 3840 County of Montgomery.

The two 18in x 30in cylinders are to be cast using polystyrene patterns; the £40,000 (with Gift Aid) will cover the cost of the producing the sacrificial patterns, casting and final machining of the cylinders. Copies of the relevant Swindon drawings have been obtained from the Great Western Society archive, and are being turned into CAD models from which the patterns will be produced.

The Cylinders Club seeks to raise the required £40,000 by attracting 40 supporters to each donate
£1,000. This can be made as a one-off donation or through a monthly standing order of £25 per month for 40 months, £50 per month for 20 months or £100 per month for 10 months. See the separate ‘Cylinders Club’ page for full details of the incentives available to members and an application form.

“We are about to enter a very exciting phase of the locomotive build, which is why we are launching the Cylinders Club now,” said CCT chairman Gary Boyd-Hope. “A programme of work has now been agreed with Tyseley Locomotive Works, which will soon commence the erection of No. 3840’s frames with the assembly of the rear dragbox. The main frame plates will be erected around this.

“Final machining of the front extension frames, which we ordered from Roach Precision in Brierley
Hill last year, will not take place until the cylinder blocks have been cast so that they can be
machined simultaneously, thus ensuring a perfect fit.”