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Elliot Powick to design No. 3840

THE Churchward County Trust is delighted to announce that Elliot Powick is to design No. 3840 County of Montgomery.

Elliot brings a wealth of experience in GWR steam locomotive design to the project, having already completed work for the Great Western Society’s ’47XX’ 2-8-0 new-build, as well as designing the new cylinders for Dinmore Manor Locomotives Ltd’s ‘2884’ 2-8-0 No. 3850 and Severn Valley Railway-based ‘Hall’ No. 4930 Hagley Hall. The latter project has been a real test of Elliot’s skill, as he has had to produce the design’s from scratch with now Swindon works drawings to work from.

Additionally Elliot is also a key figure in the project to build a new Holden ‘F5’ 2-4-2T, and has produced firebox designs for the 82045 group.

Already Elliot has produced 3D models of the ‘County’ 4-4-0, such as that of the chassis, wheels and cylinders shown here.

(Illustration: Elliot Powick)


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