‘County of Montgomery’ gets its voice

IF a steam locomotive’s whistle can be regarded as its ‘voice’, then No. 3840 County of Montgomery will not be silent following the generous donation of a pair of Great Western Railway brass locomotive whistles to the Churchward County Trust.

The two whistles are of the standard GWR type, one being high pitched for normal train operation and the other being a deeper toned ‘brake whistle’. These were fitted to notify the guard of unfitted goods trains to apply the brakes, thus avoiding confusion with the locomotive’s ordinary whistle.

It is not known whether the donated whistles were ever carried by a ‘County’ 4-4-0, but they are of the correct type (see above photo of County of Merioneth) and still have their elbow joints fitted.

The two GWR brass locomotive whistles donated to the CCT which will eventually be fitted to County of Montgomery.