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3840 County of Montgomery’s frame plates

Main frame plates ordered for No. 3840

WE are delighted to announce that we have placed the order for the main frame plates for No. 3840 County of Montgomery with Tata Steel of Wednesfield. The order, as per Swindon drawing No. 43495, was placed on July 13, just six months after we launched the £1.5million project to re-create one of Churchward’s ‘Rough Riders’. It represents our first major order of new metal, and has been funded by the donations from members of our Founders’ Club.

Delivery of the parent material to Wednesfield from the rolling mill is expected during September, with the frames expected be cut within 10-12 days following its receipt.

Project Leader Gary Boyd-Hope said: “The frames are generally considered to be the heart of a locomotive, upon which everything sits, or fits beneath or between. By placing this order we have effectively breathed life into County of Montgomery, 106 years after the last ‘County’ frames were laid at Swindon Works.

“The order represents our most significant statement of intent to date and shows how serious and committed we are to seeing No. 3840 take to the rails. We could not have achieved this without the support of the members of our Founders’ Club, which was set up specifically to raise the funds required to complete the frames. However we have some way to go before we have all the money to complete the assembly of the frames, and I hope this inspires others to pledge their support to this exciting project, either through joining the Founders’ Club or setting up a regular monthly donation.”

Full details on how to support the project can be found elsewhere on the website or by writing to: Churchward County Trust Ltd, PO Box 10633, LEICESTER, LE9 0DU.

CAD render of the new frame plates for No. 3840


CAD render of the new frame plates for No. 3840, which have now been ordered from Tata Steel. STAFFORD ROAD DESIGN/CCT



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